Boiler Repair or Service


Boiler stopped working? Don't write it off just yet! We can look into repairing it for you. Your boiler is a neccessity and Logik Heating will help to keep it working for years to come. If you notice a glitch, don't let it advance into a real problem. Call us and we can repair or service your boiler to keep it efficient. 

Boiler Service Lancaster
Boiler Repair Lancaster

Boiler Repair


Has your boiler stopped working? Are you constantly having to top up your boiler pressure to keep it working? With over 10 years experience across 100s of boilers, we can look at repairing it.


Contact Nick before irreparable damage is done to your boiler.

Boiler Service


Treat your boiler as you would treat your car. A yearly service will keep your boiler working efficiently. A regular central heating system flush will also keep your pipes in tip-top condition. 


Contact us to book in your service now.


Landlord's Certificate


Keep up to date of legislation and prove to tenants that the boiler is safe.


Contact us to book in your Landlord's Certificate today.