Ground Source Heat Pumps


I'm an accredited installer for Danfoss - an industry leader in ground source heat pumps.


Ground source heat pumps are an excellent heating option for energy conscious households, or households which aren't connected to mains gas. They can be fitted on new-builds or retro-fit.


"The sun heats the earth, with the ground absorbing and storing energy. Combined with the earth's core temperature of 4982°C, the ground is an optimum source of heating. You can make use of the natural energy stored in the ground using a heat pump. In fact, if we use all the geothermal potential in the uppermost 6 miles of the earth's crust, this would amount to 50,000 times the energy of all oil and gas resources in the world.*


Unlike an air source unit, the heat pump is placed within the home, with ground loops or energy wells under a garden or home."  Source: Danfoss


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